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Saturday - there's something wrong with the weather.....

semi-overcast 16 °C

(Tracey) - Hmmmmm - I was hoping for a bright sunny day to show off the best of the garden city but it's not to be. Not cold, but a bit dull and drizzly and sitting at about 16C.

We both slept quite well, mine was drug assisted. Went to the Arts Centre with Mum and Dad and had a look around the stalls - tried some Manuka honey face cream and managed to fend off an over zealous stall owner who was certain Jason's skin couldn't do without it. There was even a Bratwurst stall there but we were saving ourselves for Sushi! Went for a quick walk around the Botanic gardens and then to the mall for some shoe shopping and lunch.

Came back home and watched a bit of cricket. Then out for a drive to Sumner Beach for a little rock climb and walk along the chilly beach.


A bit rusty with the driving but we survived after a hoppy start..... Went to Manchester Street, to an Irish pub for a beer and then to the Lonestar Cafe >>


a really popular bar and restaurant for a huge dinner around 11pm. Jason had a nice steak, "Dixie chicken" for me which I have been craving for ages - found out later they serve 1/2 portions which would have been plenty.... Was a nice day..

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a day and a bit a a plane !

semi-overcast 18 °C

Well, that was an experience. My first time all the way to NZ and Tracey's first experience of BA longhaul.

BA at Heathrow was pretty painless, with one exception. Going all the way to CHC on OneWorld was planned pretty much for cost and the added advantage of thru' checking at LHR all the way, no need to collect bags, do Australian immigration or re-check-in in Sydney !

So despite the fact we couldn't check-in on-line all the way, queuing at LHR check-in was fine and apart from a minor hitch with BA managing to check us both in for Sydney - Christchurch, but only manage to print Tracey's boarding pass !

Flight to Singapore was OK. BA did manage to start by actually giving us a meal choice. We both opted for chicken. We were given out tray's as the chicken was still in the oven. Asked what we wanted to dink I opted for a beer ( to kick the holiday off ! ) and was told that one will be fethced for me. Guess what... the meal arrive ten minutes later ( not chicken ! ) and the beer never materialised ! Flight was OK , if a little bumpy on approach ( cheers Black Cloud !). We elected to stay on the aircraft during the fuel stop. It was much better than having to re-board. I think it helped.

Flight to Sydney was suprisingly short ( 7hrs or so ). And we arrived in Sysndey to 30c, birhgt and sunny. Tracey took a sleeping tbalet on the way to Sydney, it didn't really help though and she just dozed.

QANTAS - frankly I was pretty unimpressed. Already a delay of one hour when we arrived, a gate change ( no announcemenet ). A lame LIA ( late in aircraft ) excuse for the delay , although it was the aircraft's first rotation ! And then more excuses of being blocked taxying out and taxying in.

Have to say though that the ground and cabin staff we friendly and helpful though.

Eventually we did manage to arrive about 2hrs behind schedule ..

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Planning the big trip

T minus 10 days

all seasons in one day 2 °C

OK, so it hit us today that we really, really need to get a wriggle on with our planning now. Only 10 days or so till we leave and still so many things to KK. Not that we haven't put in the research !!

Its getting so cold at home now, we're really looking forward to getting out of the country ( and getting that long flight to Christchurch over with ) and having our second summer this year !


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